For parents

Children can like their friend’s progress

Free to download

Parental approval needed. Profiles are strictly non-public

I’m not 100% certain that I understand the whole concept...

No problem – head to our What is glo glu? section for a detailed, easy-to-follow explanation of what glo glu is all about. And if you’d like to check out one of the Activities for free, click here.


I don’t think I want to sign my child up to a social networking site...

Don’t worry – this isn’t Facebook for kids! Your child’s online profile is purely a way for them to keep track of their progress through the various Activities and Playsets. With the permission of both sets of parents/guardians, children can ‘see’ their friends’ profiles, and give a Thumbs-Up and Emoticons as Activities and Playsets are completed – but there’s no facility for exchanging written messages, and no way for your child to contact, or becontacted by, anyone from outside their circle of friends. All your child’s online data is securely stored here in the UK, and is accessible by no-one other than you or your child.


Can we stop in App purchase?

Check with your App store provider and they will have the facility to block in App purchases across all your App's.


And how much will all this cost?

The App is free to download and each player gets two free Playsets. The others can purchased within App. Please check the App for local rates and discounts available.


How do I allow my child to connect with their freinds?

It's straightforward, all you need is the name of the friend and their parent/carer's email address. Sign into the Members section and follow the step by step instructions. A secure email will  be sent to the parent/carer asking for their approval with a validation code and a link to Members area. The parent/carer then needs to login, enter the code and the friends are connected!


Can I share the games amongst our family?

Yes. You can have as many players registered through your account. Each separate player will get two free Playsets (these change from time to time). When you buy credits via the in App purchase, you can share these amongst the whole family. So no more arguing! 


How do I contact you?

You can get in touch with any questions at