How much does Roodymentaty cost?

The App is free to download and each new player is given two free Playsets - Treasure Hunt & Spy. All the other Playsets can be purchased via your In App purchase facility.

Can we play the same Playset twice? 

Yes – you can play any of them again, you will need to un-tick all the boxes to ensure the player get the sticker at the end!

Is there a time limit to the Playsets?

No - once you have bought and paid for credits they are there until they have been used.

Can we transfer the credits to other devices?

No, the credits and users are saved locally to the device and can not be transferred to any other deveice/s.

How many Playsets are there available?

20 in total including the two free ones. There are 80 stickers to collect in total. 

Can a player migrate from a Beginner to Advanced profile midway through a Playset?

No, if you have signed up as a Advanced player, you will be given the opportunity to play again as a Beginner once you have completed all the Playsets successfully. 

Can my child text or Instant Message using the App?

No. Texts or Instant Messages are not allowed. The only intercation permitted include: Thumbs Up or a pre set 'Roody'emoticon.

How many frieends can my child have on the App?

Your child can have as many friends as they like. All siblings using the same parental account will automatically be friends with each other.

How many Roody's are there to collect?

There are nearly 43,000 different Roody's to choose from if all Badges and costumes are completed fully.

How do we add more players to the App?

It's very easy, go to the 'More' section of the App and click Add User. You can then set up a new profile for each new player. If you would like to add a friend from outside your family,  and go to the Members area and follow the instructions.

Can we play more than one Playset at a time?

Yes. As long as you have enough credits, players can have as many Playsets open at the same time. Keep a check at the 'Rewards' section of the App.

Where will we see 'Thumbs Up' from friends?

All the social interaction happens under the 'Friends' area of the App.

Is Roodymentary's online presence a social networking site for children?

No. With the permission of both sets of parents/guardian, children who are friends can view each other’s profiles to see which Activities and Playsets they have completed. They can then show approval of these achievements with a digital Thumbs Up or a special Emoticon – and that is the full extent of the interaction possible. There are no ‘status update’ or ‘instant message’ facilities.