About Us


Real world fun

We are a UK technology business that focuses on getting children up, active, happy, energised and engaged in the real world around them. We do this through our intelligent platform called Roodymentary™, using the real world to educate and entertain at the same time. This is complemented by our own connected smartwatch called the Brillar. The Brillar is more than just a time piece, it's a Phone, Pedometer, Walki Talki and GPS tracker all in one small robust wearable.

Roodymentary™ reunvents traditional childhood activities – from treasure hunts to dressing-up – for the 21st century. But don’t worry: as a parent, you won’t be missing out on all the fun – you need to join in too!

Guided and encouraged by their fully customisable pal Roody™, kids work through themed, age-appropriate Playsets with parental supervision, completing real-world activities to earn awesome digital rewards. Whatever your child's interests, there's sure to be something for them to get stuck into: the Artist Playset will have them doodling like a mini-Picasso; the Magic Playset shows them tricks they can keep up their sleeve; while the Olympian Playset will give them a medal-worthy workout!

From maths to fashion, cookery to languages, Roody™ has a whole world of addictive challenges for your child to get swept up in!

As they progress through the Activities within each of the 20 Playsets, your child will earn themselves digital Stickers, Roody™ costumes and achievement Badges. And they can show off these cool milestones to their peers, thanks to glo glu’s secure, parentally-overseen interaction system. Plus, they can even give their friends a virtual 'thumbs-up' for completing an Activity or Playset, using the unique Roodymentary™ set of positive emoticons! (For your peace of mind, social interactions are limited to this alone.)

And best of all, to get you started the Treasure Hunt and Spy Playsets are completely free – along with your child's very own customisable playmate, Roody™. 


Get your child off the sofa and away from all those screens with exciting real-world Activities that'll challenge them both physically and mentally! Each Playset contains 4 Activities.


Complete an Activity and your child earns a Sticker; complete an entire Playset of Activities and your child earns a Badge and the corresponding Roody costume, letting everyone know that they're now a fully-fledged Chef, or Fashionista, or Astronaut, or Treasure Hunter, or Superhero, or Mad Scientist, or...



Specially designed to guide your child through the Playsets and Activities – while offering encouragement and approval along the way – Roody™ is the interactive, customisable face of the Roodymentary™ experience.


Glo glu is committed to creating safe and secure environments for your child to play and develop in. Peer-to-peer interactions are only permitted between children whose parents or guardians have both pre-agreed to them via an emailed link.



· Fashionista

Time to play dress-up before hitting that catwalk!


· Safari Hunter
Let's go deep into the jungle and see your best animal impressions!

· Performer
Stars-in-waiting and next-big-things, this is your moment!

· Mechanic
Get revved-up with car-, boat- and plane-themed Activities!

· Olympian
On your marks, get set – have fun!

· Treasure Hunter
Whether you're indoors or outdoors, there are tons of treasures to be tracked down...

· Soldier
'Teennn-shun! Get ready to be put through your paces by the Drill Sergeant!

· Diver
We're going deep beneath the waves – somethin' fishy's goin' on!

· Astronaut
Blast off! Can you handle these zero-gravity challenges and gain your Astronaut Badge?

· Linguist
It's never to early to start learning simple phrases in another language!

· Chef
Apron on, hands washed – let's cook!

· Artist
From drawing to statue-making, it's time to unleash your creativity!

· Professor
Spelling quizzes and storytelling challenges to get that grey matter workin'!

· Gardener
How green are your fingers? Let's find out!

· Doctor
Discover fascinating body facts and build your very own first-aid kit!

· Magician
Dazzle your friends, amaze your family with these easy-to-perform tricks!

· Musician
You don't need a stage or instruments to make a glorious musical racket!

· Superhero
Create – and then become – your very own unique superhero!

· Mad Scientist
Turn your living room into a loopy laboratory with these science-themed Activities!

· Spy

Are you smart, stealthy and sly? Then let's see you earn your Spy Badge!

Two Playsets are given away completely free to each player via complementary credits. If you want your child to play anymore themed Playsets and Activities you can unlock further ‘credits’ via an In App purchase facility. You can share these credits with any child that’s is associated to your account. There is no time limit on when these need to be used by.